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Jordan Dorf of Aurora, Colorado had been walking around with a fatty lump on the side of his face since he was in high school.

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Jordan Dorf (seated) travelled from Denver to Madison to have his pituitary tumor removed by UW Health neurosurgeon Azam Ahmed, MD (standing, right). Jordan learned about Dr. Ahmed from UW Health neurosurgeon Josh Medow, MD (standing, left). Jordan and Dr. Medow have been friends since high school in Skokie, IL.

At age 23, while at her family
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At age 23, while at her family vacation home in Wisconsin, Jenny Kray suffered a serious brain bleed. Neurosurgeon Mustafa K. Baskaya, MD, missed his daughter’s birthday to give Jenny a 2nd chance at life with a high-risk surgery. She stopped by this week to drop off a check from her “Race for the Base,’’ which supports Dr. Baskaya’s base of skull neurosurgery research.

University of Wisconsin System spotlight video on Dr Dempsey.

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Welcome to the website for the University of Wisconsin Department of Neurological Surgery.  In this website you will learn about our department, which is dedicated to providing the very best clinical neurosurgical care for the many disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, as well as the blood vessels which support them.  You will learn about our work on disorders such

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The Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Wisconsin provides outstanding care and treatment for patients with brain, spine, and peripheral nerve diseases, disorders, and injuries; advances neuroscience knowledge through basic and clinical research; and trains students, residents, and fellows.

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