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University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Department of Neurological Surgery

Residency Program Aims


At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Neurological Surgery, we seek to deliver outstanding neurosurgical care to our patients, with compassion, quality, and uncompromising integrity.


We intend to instill the upcoming generation of neurosurgeons with the training, knowledge, and experience necessary to become experts in the field and spear head clinical and basic science research that will change the paradigm of how patients are cared for in order to maximize safety and effectiveness. In order to do this, the program will attract high-quality applicants from a geographically and culturally diverse applicant pool. We will provide a collegial educational atmosphere, which encourages professional exploration and growth. We will provide feedback to the residents regarding their cognitive, professional, and clinical progress. Our residents will complete all relevant academic, cognitive, and clinical milestones as necessary to document their capability for excellent neurosurgical practice and for contributing to the evolution of Neurosurgery.


Neurosurgery residency at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is a 7 year program. We accept two residents per year. The PG–1 year consists of acquiring fundamental clinical skills in Neurosurgery, Critical Care, Neurology and General Surgery. This is followed by a combination of Clinical Neurosurgery (4.25 years), Neuropathology/Radiology/Elective (.75 year) and Research or Enfolded Fellowship (1 year).

For tabular details of our rotations in 2018-19 see Table 1. For a summary of time spent in each rotation see Table 2 . For a written description of each rotation see the paragraphs after Table 3 .


visiting professor

Conferences include the Distinguished Lecturer Series, where world–renowned educators, such as Peter Rasmussen, M.D. (middle), meet and exchange ideas with residents.
Distinguished Lecturer Series

Table1: Overview of Neurosurgical Training Years PGY-1 through PGY-7


Resident Schedule


Table 2.  Rotations

PG Year Rotation Site Months Cumulative Year
1 Fundamental Clinical Skills UW 12 1
2 Junior Resident UW 9 2
Neuroradiology UW 3
3 Junior Resident Meriter 6 3
Neuropathology UW 3
Junior Resident UW 3
4 Junior Resident UW 6 4
Research/Elective UW 6
5 Senior Resdient UW 6 5
Research/Elective UW 6
6 VA VA 6 6
Senior Resident UW 3
Elective/Enfolded Fellowship UW 3/12
7 Chief Resident UW 12 7

Table 3.  Approximate Call Schedule

Rotation Night / Weekend Call Schedule
PGY-1 at UW Four weeks of night float while on "general surgery night emergancy trauma" (see NIGHT* in table 1).
PGY-2 Junior Resident
UW Neurosurgery
In house UW primary call every 4 - 5 days
PGY-3 - Meriter Hospital
(6 months)
No in house call. Primary call from home weekday nights and every other weekend.
PGY-3 - Junior Resident
UW Neurosurgery
(3 months)
In House UW Primary Call every 4-5 days
PGY-3 - Neuropathology at UW (3 months) In house UW primary call every 4-5 days
PGY-4 In house UW primary call every 4-5 days
PGY-5 No primary call. Senior resident back up call from home q 4-5 days
PGY-6 No primary call. Senior resident back up call from home q 4-5 days
PGY-7 No primary call. Senior resident back up call from home q 4-5 days


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