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Chief Resident


During the seventh year, the trainee becomes the Chief Resident in neurological surgery at UW Hospital. He/she is responsible for patient care, under the direct supervision of the attending staff. The resident sees patients in the outpatient clinic and participates in diagnostic and therapeutic decision–making for inpatients. In a typical year the chief will be the primary surgeon working with an attending on approximately 350 major cases (system–wide there are currently over 2000 major cases per year). The chief resident has administrative supervision of the resident house staff and is expected to participate in their teaching, as well as in the scheduling of out their clinic assignments, their in-house consultations, and their case presentations. The chief resident is responsible to the attending staff and chief of service for the smooth operation of the neurosurgical service. Together with the attending staff, all residents participate in teaching medical students assigned to neurosurgery.


Resident Graduation

Residents attending the Chief’s Graduation.

Left to right:

Vikas Parmar, M.D., Solomon Ondoma, M.D., Yiping Li, M.D., Kyle Swanson, M.D. Casey Madura, M.D., Carolina Sandoval-Garcia, M.D., Clayton Haldeman, M.D., Demi Dawkins, M.D., Mark Corriveau, M.D., Bradley Schmidt, M.D., Christopher Baggott, M.D.


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