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* What are Minor Cases?

They consist of: diagnostic and spasmolytic angiography (754 cases: these do not include the 357 major therapeutic endovascular procedures charted above in fuschia.), nerve/muscle bx, tracheostomy; implantation/removal of programable battery units for VNS or DBS; all halos/tongs, ICP monitors and ventriculostomies. Minor cases also include: many revise-incision cases, removal of most CSF shunts, removal of all DBS electrodes, and SAS pumps, as well as removal of all subdural EEG strip electrodes, and removal of epidural spinal cord stimulators.

* How many cases did not include a resident?

Of the total 4,197 cases, 301 (7%) cases did not have a resident present.  Most of these cases were minor.

* What are Stereotaxic cases?

DBS, percutaneous trigeminal rhizotomy, radiosurgery, targeted (frame or frameless) bx for tumor, infection, or degenerative disease


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