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Academic Year 2016-2017



The University of Wisconsin Department of Neurological Surgery accepts US medical students in their final year of training for clerkships lasting 2 or 4 weeks. We offer one course: 678-919.

Visiting students are required to pay a $125 application fee to start the application process. Visiting students who complete their rotation in neurological surgery will have their $125 application fee covered by the department and will receive a refund.

Please note: We do not accept any international students. Do not attempt the application process if you are an international student. As our policy is clear, do not attempt to contact our offices by email or phone. Any inquiries will not be replied to and NO refunds will be given if you attempt to apply, against our policy.

Please initiate contact with us by sending an e-mail introduction to Dr. D. Resnick at

Include in your e-mail (1) the origins (in brief) of your interest in neurosurgery, (2) the name of the introductory neuroclinical course you have had or will have had at your home institution, (3) your USMLE Part I score and (4) attach a CV.  

Plan to begin your clerkship on a Monday and end on a Friday.  Aside from that requirement, we will adjust to your school’s course calendar. For telephone help with your application or your selection of beginning / ending dates, please contact Tara Anderson at 608.263.1411.

After your initial contact and approval by the Department of Neurological Surgery please apply directly to the University of Wisconsin - School of Medicine and Public Health (UW-SMPH). Note: This site does not officially open to non-UW-SMPH students until late-May! Prior to that date, arrangements made with Dr. Resnick will be honored as though they were made with the UW Medical School.

The following is required of all applying students:
•Immunization Status Form (UW School of Medicine and Public Health form)
•Background Information Disclosure Form
•Safety and Infection Control (SIC)
•CPR Card (BLS for Healthcare Provider level from the American Heart Association)
•Digital Photo (JPG format, less than 1 megabyte)
•HIPAA Training

To apply, go to the Visiting Students landing page, click on "Application Instructions - Step A" found in the left hand menu. Instruction #1 is to fill out the Visiting Student Account Form (OASIS). To find the form scroll go to the bottom of the visiting student application page and click on "Go to the Visiting Student Application". Once you complete this form you will be able to proceed to the application itself (instruction #2).

In selecting dates from the UW Medical School Calander, you may not find your desired set. If that is the case, select the set of dates closest to your desired dates (beginning on a Monday) and print these by hand on the hard copy form you turn into your Medical School.

UW-School of Medicine and Public Health reserves the right to terminate immediately, the enrollment of any visiting student who violates any policy or procedure regarding misconduct or professional behavior.


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