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Surgical Interface Design Lab

Director/Principal Investigator: Nathaniel P. Brooks, MD

Our Mission

The mission of the Surgical Interface Design Lab is to create and study tools that improve the ability of surgeons to perform progressively more complex procedures through more minimally invasive approaches.  The lab does this by combining navigation, visualization and robotics technologies and refining the design to provide an intuitive, natural interface for the surgeon and the patient.


Current Members



Past Members

Kaitlyn Mayer (6/2013 – 6/2014)
Stephen Monette (5/2015 – 12/2015)
Alexander Nguyen (5/2015 – 5/2016)
Andrew Gold (2/2016 – Summer 2016)
Keith Dodd (Summer 2016)
Andrew Hajek (Summer 2016)

Current Projects

3 Dimensional Digital Display
Navigation for Ambulatory Procedures

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