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Joshua E. Medow Lab


The Medow lab focusses on biomedical engineering and mathematical approaches to solving major medical quandaries. Current projects include a new approach to CT image reconstruction and resolution of CT data inconsistency, diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus related shunt malfunction, development of a new ventilator to improve gas exchange in ARDS patients, and electromagnetic stimulation of tissue growth. The lab cross pollenates medical students, neurosurgery and neurology residents, and engineering graduate and undergraduate students with faculty mentors from neurosurgery, neurology, and biomedical engineering. The method behind the madness is best defined as a clear path between disciplines to facilitate rapid prototype development for clinically relevant problems. It has resulted in 2 awarded patents, and multiple patents pending, a PhD thesis awarded and one pending, and an Undergraduate Tong Research Award. Dr. Medow has been funded by the NIH, The Hartwell Foundation, the Coulter Foundation, and other sources. He has received numerous awards for his research projects and has also many awards for teaching.

Medow Students presenting their work          

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